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Just Catching Y’all Up :: Saratoga Springs, NY Photography

I haven’t posted anything in a while, so I figured I’d catch people up on what I’ve been working on. Last year I decided to take only a few select weddings in 2014 and focus on working with other photographers and on some photography and writing projects that were presented to me. I’ve really enjoyed it so far and I’m looking forward to keeping it going. Aside from shooting forty plus events and weddings with some friends and colleagues, I’ve been working on a lot of commercial shooting and editorial things with Niki Rossi. I plan on collecting some samples and posting a little bit of the fun soon. This past weekend I shot Jen and Joe’s wedding at Franklin Plaza and will be posting a blog entry on that as well. They were an awesome group and I really enjoyed the day with them.

You may have (but probably haven’t, lol) noticed that I’ve done next to no Facebook posting. Their constant changes and pay-to-promote policies are just annoying. I have been enjoying giving the daily low-down on my Twitter feed, @SethGPhoto, though. Follow me there to keep up on things and get occasional photos of my cats, which the internet definitely needs more of. : )

So, that’s about it. Long story short, I’ve been doing a ton of freelancing with other photographers and organizations, but a lot of that isn’t stuff I can really (legally) blog. I will be getting more up here though and may be mixing in a little personal content. So, yes, in addition to iPhone photos of my cats, the interweb is going to be gifted with insights into my life that take up more than Twitter’s 140 characters. ; ) Stay tuned!

The Myles of Smyles Foundation :: Debut of the Myles Smiles Photobooth :: Saratoga Springs, NY Photobooths

This past Saturday, Niki Rossi and I had the pleasure of attending the Myles of Smyles Foundation’s Ripple Gala at Malozzi’s in Schenectady, NY. The Myles of Smyles charity is dedicated to “putting happy faces in needed places for families in the Northeastern United States facing life-threatening challenges.” It is inspired by an amazing little boy who Niki and I had the honor of photographing before he lost his battle to cancer.

Inspired by Myles and his amazing mother, Laurel, the founder of Myles of Smyles, Niki created the Myles Smiles Photobooth. With the photobooth, Niki wants to bring smiles to kids and help raise money for children’s hospitals and local charity events for children. Please visit the Myles of Smyles Foundation’s website to learn more and consider donating to this great organization.




Visit the Myles of Smyles Foundation’s Facebook page and give it a Like! :


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Prints for Decorating – Creating Mock-Ups :: Saratoga Springs, NY Interior Decorating

It can be tricky to judge how a print will suit a particular space. Often working off of image samples on a pc or tablet and visualizing the end result is less than ideal. A great solution, which can also avoid costly misjudgments, is to create  a digital mock-up with Photoshop.

Below is an example of a mock-up I made for Spa Cascada, a day spa located here in Saratoga Springs, NY. I swung by the spa and took photographs of the room and then returned to my office and digitally added the prints to the wall. I included some drop shadow for realism. In this case the final product was four canvases based on one of my Spa Park abstracts. The original photo is below.

Have a wall space you need to fill? Visit my Fine Art Print samples and contact me at sethgphoto@gmail.com for a consultation and a mock-up of your space.



It’s 2015 Senior Portrait Time! :: Saratoga Springs, NY Photography

Contact my main Amiga, Niki Rossi, to schedule a fantastic senior portrait session! Various Senior sessions and packages are available. Current Juniors typically start scheduling sessions now through the fall for 2015 graduation. Senior Portraits by Niki Rossi Photography

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:: Niki Rossi Photography on Facebook :: NikiRossi@gmail.com ::

Guitar Abstracts :: Saratoga Springs Fine Art Photography

I enjoy playing guitar and have a few around. These are photos of an older acoustic using a single light and a reflector. Like the guitar, they’re a little gritty. These and more prints are available for purchase at http://sethguistimbelliphotography.zenfolio.com/guitarabstracts








Fun with Nikon Speedlights :: Saratoga Springs, NY Product Photography

I was setting up my Nikon Speedlights for a product shoot and was in need of some stand-ins. Naturally, there were some old Matchbox cars and a few Hommies  sitting around (remember those little guys that you could buy in super market vending machines?). The rough looking Ferrari 308 is, by far, my favorite. I remember sanding it down when I was a kid, with intentions of giving it a new paint job. It may have seen some fire too…







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